Terms & Conditions

A guest post submitted on the website will be acknowledged and accepted only if it meets the following criteria:

  1. A guest post must consist of original content with a unique style of writing.
  2. There must not be any instance of plagiarism detected, failing which the author would be highlighted as a potential copier and the content rejected.
  3. There must always be a valid reference or source cited in the content. This is to ensure that any facts and figures presented are valid and legal.
  4. No affiliate links are permitted to be included within the guest post content by the author.
  5. No advertisements are permitted to be included within the guest post content by the author.

There are certain checks carried out before a guest post is approved by the owner:

  1. Spam check on Google to ensure that the author is not a habitual website spammer.
  2. There must not be any links that redirect the audience to the author’s profile or personal pages in any way.
  3. The depth of the content is checked through a series of proofreading with a formulation of guidelines on subheadings and word count. Every content piece must be self-sufficient that no audience find the need to research elsewhere.
  4. Grammar and spelling checks would be carried out on various levels to ensure that nothing that is published can be pointed out as wrong.
  5. SEO-based checks would be carried out to ensure maximum keyword density is achieved and thorough use of the right phrases at the right place is seen.

There are certain conditions that the owner applies to the guest post content:

  1. An author is not the owner of the blog. The owner has the right to avoid the mention of the author in the blog.
  2. The author is permitted to share the link of the blog as their published work anywhere.
  3. The owner has the right to include any affiliate links to the guest post provided by the author that may or may not be of any relevance to the author.
  4. The author is not liable for any compensation on the guest post submission.
  5. The owner does not guarantee the reach and audience for every piece of content submitted. It mostly depends on the marketing of the blog which is purely coincidental yet substantial.
  6. The editing rights to the guest blog post after publishing lies only with the owner and not the author. Though the author has the right to request for EDIT in case any noticeable mistake is found after publishing the blog.
  7. Every author is provisioned one link at any place in the blog that gives a hint to the author. Though it might not be a direct reference unless the author is influential.
  8. Submission and publishing of a guest post do not indicate that the author is a member of the company. The rights of the author are limited to submissions only.